Why volunteer?

Professional organizations are run by volunteers. The career and professional supports provided by professional organizations come from the efforts of their many volunteers. By participating now, you not only learn about how a professional organization works, but you can build skills that will help you in your future life as a professional and as a person.

Assisting someone in an organization is a great way to get to see more about the behind the scenes part of the profession and sometimes to find a professional mentor. Some of these will be professionals who can help you in your career as they may know of available jobs, and if they learn about you, may be able to give you career advice.

Volunteering is good for you. You have an opportunity to help others, and helping others is associated with improved mood.

You will have more opportunities to interact with other people. Making friends is good!

Others will be your peers. They can be supportive in the future as well as the present.

Volunteer benefits

  • A free registration for the event
  • Direct contact with many of the presenters
  • Visibility as a professional at the event
  • Experience working in an online environment
  • Participation in drawing from donated items just for volunteers

What kinds of volunteers do we need?

Before the event

  • Help people get registered for the event, find needed links, share information
  • Social media support – people willing to send our announcements about the event to their social media connections

During the event

  • Presenter support – Help presenters with technology issues, moving people to breakout rooms, etc.
  • Participant support – Help participants with registration, finding sessions, logging in, etc.

After the event

  • Conduct follow up surveys, help people find information about the event such as archived presentations

Volunteer Registration