2017 Theme: Inclusion Through User Experience

The theme for 2017 is “Inclusion Through User Experience.” Well-designed user experiences allow for the uniqueness of people’s different strengths and beliefs to co-exist in a place of similarity and common ground.  Tools and technologies that embrace similarities to tap into the potential of all people create conditions that enable people to be their best selves, to cultivate and nurture, and produce better outcomes in all we do. User Experience designers and researchers can impact the course of events by creating technology, products and services that are inclusive at their core.

2017 is the twelfth anniversary for World Usability Day.

Over the last 12 years, the Indiana UXPA chapter has been involved with local UX professionals, students, educators, and companies to build a community of UX thought leaders in Indiana. We are celebrating 12 years of taking on (and expanding) opportunities to create a more user-friendly world by showcasing their work, exchanging information, and sharing critical feedback. Attendees of World Usability Day will gain exposure to knowledge and networks that can equip them to become more effective advocates and design thinkers.


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Thank you to our 2017 sponsors

For more information: World Usability Day 2017 Sponsorship Information Sheet (PDF)