Design Products for Happiness

2300 years ago, Aristotle claimed that, above all else, men and women seek happiness. We all seek happiness from the activities we are engaged with, we all seek happiness from the life we lead, we all seek happiness from social interactions our relatives’ friends. When it comes to products and services, we are slowly moving…

Alipta Ballav

Designing Intelligent Interactions for Aging

Through this session, I will introduce previous and ongoing projects that my research team and I have led. The talk will focus on projects where we design and examine intelligent interfaces that support older adults with health and well-being, their access to digital technologies, and their access to information and resources in their communities. I…


What to Expect When You’re Expecting AI

As designers, we are able to see opportunities for automation to improve our applications and user experience. However, it’s not always easy to meet functional requirements by a given deadline AND incorporate AI & Machine Learning into the applications we design for.…


Emotion and AI

Can AI truly be user-centered without taking human emotion into consideration? How do we account for factors that can’t be “programmed”? Lindsay Kurbursky will present topics surrounding emotion, such as empathy and shame, and AI.…


New Frontiers for User-Centered Design: What AIs Need to Know About Humans

Products including artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more ubiquitous, from exercise trackers to smart speakers to assistive robots, and soon to full concierge-level assistants. As such, AI is increasing not only in its impact on our lives, but in its participation in our most personal, intimate selves. Product designers of all types will have to…

Mike Sellers