Gopinath Jaganmohan

Gopinath Jaganmohan has spent over 17 years in the technology space and led the development of’s voice and natural language-based conversational AI platform equipped with Athena, a multi-channel bot that provides a goal-oriented conversational interface for business tasks.’s unique natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enables a user to ask a question in simple terms and builds context from one question to the next, supporting a user’s insight discovery process. The cutting-edge product allows sales and service teams to gather real-time insights, automates busywork and answers questions instantly to improve productivity over 200%.

He previously was a Principal Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions where he founded their Internet of Things Labs and canter for the Future of Work. is Gopinath’s third start-up, with two successful exits from previous ventures in business intelligence and SaaS architecture.