Doug Gardner

Doug Gardner is a Principal User Experience Consultant at GravityDrive. As a research and design consultant, he helps clients make decisions based on a clear understanding of business objectives, science, system users and their needs.

Doug has a PhD in Experimental Psychology and over 20 years of experience with human factors and leadership in User Experience (UX).  His work experience includes LexisNexis, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (now Siemens), as well as numerous clients as a consultant.  He is the past chair of the Computer Systems Technical Group within the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), as well as holding other positions within HFES.  He was the founder and served as host of the Southwest Ohio World Usability Day event 5 times.  A pragmatic empiricist at heart, Doug believes it is important to constantly strive for excellence in UX by being a conduit to link basic understanding to applied success.