Call for Presenters

Are you a UX professional, practitioner, or simply someone interested in making the world better by improving the experience of products for the people who use them? We invite you to join us for an informative and engaging day of sessions, opportunities to interact with others in your field, and to share your experience.

This year’s theme is User-Centered AI. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people with experience in this field, but presentations on other areas of UX are also welcome.

When: November 12, 2020
Format: Online virtual conference

Interested in presenting at the conference?

We’d love to hear your insight. This year’s celebration of Indiana World Usability Day will connect people interested in User Experience for a one-day virtual conference. We hope to have a variety of people presenting their ideas in one of three different formats.

Long Sessions (40 minutes plus time for questions and answers):
This type of session is designed for more complex or detailed presentations. If we receive several good proposals, there may be more than one of these presentations available at the same time to address the needs of different audiences.

Short Sessions (20 minutes plus time for questions and answers):
These sessions are to provide an understanding of a single topic or issue and could be anything from a case study to a research technique to information that is of use to designing any type of product or service. Suggest something you would like to experience!

Ignite Sessions (20 slides that show for 15 seconds each. A total of 5 minutes):
This format is designed to share single ideas in a quick and entertaining manner. These sessions would be prerecorded, but presenters would be available at the end of all the Ignite sessions to answer questions. Ignite sessions are great for examples of good or bad designs, useful research techniques, understanding human behavior, or some other interesting topic.

Your sessions should address the theme of human-centered technology in some manner if possible. However, any topics relevant to User Experience will be considered. Sessions may be designed for current User Experience professionals, for students or new professionals, or for people with a general interest in UX.

We encourage presenters to include some type of interaction between participants or other type of engagement beyond a talk about the subject. Use your imagination to decide how this might be done virtually!

It may be possible for many of these sessions to be prerecorded. Presenters will still need to be available on the day of the event to answer questions.

Submit Your Presentation Proposal

Let us know if you are interested in presenting by August 31, 2020. Feel free to add any questions about the type of session or how they will be happening in this virtual environment. We hope to have the format of the virtual conference finalized by the time proposals are accepted.

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